Aaron Wan

Geboorte datum
juni 1969

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Fluent in English, Chinese and Dutch, Aaron has enjoyed a 20 year career in multiple movie and TV drama projects. His recent projects include Netflix’s feature The White Tiger, Undercover, Women of the Night and La Famiglia. Also he plays in a Dutch version of BLACK MIRROR. Other awards winning movies he played a significant role in were Warner Bros.’ Winky’s Horse and its sequal (Het Paard van Sinterklaas). He has 46 IMDB credits.


Regarding stage acting, he was fortunate to be a traveling artist in “C’est du Chinois” (director Edit Kaldor), acting around the world for 4 years and got honoured by a good review by Charles Isherwood in the New York times.


Almost 20 years ago some warnt me it would be almost impossible for ‘colored’ people to live on acting. Reality appeared to be the opposite.  I am thankful for the multiple movie and tv drama projects (see a selection underneath). I was also fortunate to be part of a theater group of Stichting Kata, playing “C’est du Chinois” (directed by Edit Kaldor), traveling around the world together for 4 years. Also the roleplay acting has taken me to places like China, Thailand, Sri-Lanka, the Philippines, India, Estland, Letland.  May life be good to you, stay true to yourself and may the compass of your heart unfold your path t0 places of light, love and peace.

Feature movies:

  • Het Paard van Sinterklaas
  • Waar is het Paard van Sinterklaas
  • Simon
  • Feestje

TV and festivals:

  • VAn God Los III: Dislike
  • La Famiglia
  • Project Orpheus
  • Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden
  • Baantjer
  • Pricetag (Cinemasia)
  • TV/Film: De Leeuwenkuil
  • 2013Graffiti Detective (Short)
  • Tea Ceremony (Cinemasia)
  • Accepted (Short)
  • Chicken Fish Rabbit (Short)
  • Divina Gloria
  • Van God Los (TV)
  • Dunya & Desie
  • Luifel & Luifel
  • Ping (Cinemasia)
  • Onderweg naar morgen
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